Since the discovery of the man in ice - named Ötzi - in1991, the Ötz valley  grew richer in a cultural sensation. The world-famous finding from the 4th millennium BC, has become an archaeological signpost for the whole Ötz valley region, and as the name of the glacier mummy says, is irrevocably connected with this valley and its mountains.

Up until this time the Ötz valley was completely underdeveloped from an archaeological point of view. As a consequence research has been intensified and today the presence of humans as early as 8000 BC has been proved.

The traces left behind by pre-historical inhabitants often remain hidden to the eye of the public mostly because archaeological findings are so scarce. By converting the archaeological context into appropriate reconstructions, supplements and models, pre-historic every-day life can be visibly and graphically demonstrated. In this sense the archaeological open-air park "Ötzi village" corresponds to the museum-educational trend by giving the public access to science in an understandable way.

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