The Timmelsjoch Gateway to the south

The drive over the Timmelsjoch is in itself an experience. The many attractions along the way to the Timmelsjoch are in any case one more reason to choose this Hochalpenstraße for the way across the Alps.

The Timmelsjoch connects not only the Ötztal with the Passeier Valley, but also Austria with Italy. Since 1919 the Timmelsjoch – in Italian, Passo Rombo – represents the border of North and South Tyrol.
The 3rd station, the “Pass Museum”, is located on the pass. Learn here all about the Timmelsjoch and the High Alpine Road. A special feature – apart from the exceptional architecture – is that the museum dominates like a foundling across the borders of North and South Tyrol.
The association Pro Vita Alpina organises joint exhibitions each year to the Timmelsjoch/Passo Rombo with artists from North and South Tyrol.
Now leave the Ötztal and follow the Timmelsjoch High Alpine Road into the Passeier Valley.
From here on the road continues downhill on the Timmelsjoch High Alpine Road, down into the Passeier Valley.

Here you will find in the large square, beneath the “Scheibkopf”, the 4th station, the “Telescope”. Discover the breathtaking 180° panorama with views into the Nature Park “Texel Group”. Through the telescope, you can see even better how compact the “Garnet Mountain” with 3,304m and the “Hohe First” with 3,403m rise up out of the eternal ice of the glacier.
You will find the next attraction on the Timmelsjoch High Alpine Road at Stuls in the Passeier Valley. Here you can admire the 5th and last station of the Timmelsjoch experience – the “Garnet”. The showroom, on a rocky slope, is modelled after the garnet, which is a geological rock formation in the Passeier Valley. On the observation platform you will have a wonderful view of Moos and the rear of the Passeier Valley.
This is the end of your adventure tour on the Timmelsjoch High Alpine Road, through the Ötztal over the pass and into the Passeier Valley.

Top Mountain Crosspoint

Top Mountain Crosspoint, is being created, a modern, multifunctional building.

Here you will find a first class restaurant with a beautiful panoramic terrace which offers views of the ski area Hochgurgl/Obergurgl and the Ötztaler Alps. Even Europe’s highest motorcycle museum has found room here. In an area of 2,600m² this museum has made an impression not only on motorcycle fans, with over 170 classic motorcycles from nearly 70 manufacturers. Further on, you will find in Top Mountain Crosspoint the lower station of the Kirchenkarbahn, as well as the Timmelsjoch toll station.