Hiking in Obergurgl


This ultimate theme trail at the heart of the Ötztal Nature Park was signposted, focusing on the interaction of ecological circumstances in the high Alpine environment. Discover on your own the many facets of this nature treasure boasting an infinite variety of rare fauna and flora amidst this wonderful mountainscape. The great Forest & Water Theme Trail takes hikers further on to glacier brooks, the rushing Rotmoos waterfall and the Rotmoostal high-altitude marshlands (ask for the Zirbenwald Stone Pine Trail folder which is available at the Information Office).


Follow the tracks of natural history along the wonderful trail past the 200-year old Zirbenwald stone pine forest. The theme route, installed by Obergurgl's internationally renowned Alpine Research Center, leads past the scenic Rotmoos waterfall to Schönwieshütte mountain hut. You will also visit the 6000-year old high alpine marshland in the Rotmoostal valley.


Heading towards Gaisberg and Rotmoostal valley along the Glacier Theme Trail, crossing Mutsattel saddleback. The finding places of the typical Ötztal Almandin garnet have always been attracting mineral collectors. With a bid of luck you will find one of the little gems hidden in the mica-slate rocks.


Across the Gurgler Ferner glacier to the landing place of Prof. Auguste Piccard's stratosphere balloon in 1931. Ascent to Karlsruherhütte mountain hut and Schwärzenkamm ridge towards Hochwildehaus mountain shelter (2,900 m). The trail down across the Gurgler Ferner glacier and along Ramolweg trail gives an insight into the region's varied Alpine flora. Stamps are available here for the Glacier Hiking Badge.


A newly installed and secured peak trail leads from Top Mountain Star to Wurmkogl peak (3,082m). The scenic footpath was built by the mountain experts of Ötztal Tourismus and equipped with ropes and footbridges. Uninterrupted panoramic views of the surrounding scenery and a very special mountain experience beyond 3000 meters are waiting for all visitors of Hochgurgl. The ascent from Top Mountain Star to Wurmkogl takes approximately 15 minutes.


A 3000-meter adventure for slightly advanced hikers and mountain fans. The ascent from Seenplatte lake area to Gurgler Schartl ridge (2,932 m) is quite exhausting but the moderately rising section via Stockferner glacier to the peak offers rewarding views of the surrounding mountain ranges including the Ortler summit and the Southern Alps. Stamps are available here for the for Glacier Hiking Badge.


Via Rotmoosferner glacier to Zwickauerhütte mountain shelter (2980m)
Uphill with the Hohe Mut glacier lift to 2,670 m above sea level. Here you start the hike across Mutsattel ridge, following the glacier snouts of Rotmoos glacier. Secured by a rope team you ascend across the white glacier field to Rotmoosjoch saddleback (3,055 m), crossing the border of the main Alpine ridge in the vicinity of Zwickauerhütte mountain hut. After a stopover you continue the descent down to Pfelders/South Tyrol in the upper Passeiertal valley. Return by hiker's shuttle bus via Timmelsjoch pass.

SUMMIT TOUR for Hangerer (3,021 m)

Through lush meadows from Schönwieshut through rock strewn slopes of Gran Trail to the Hangerer. 300 m below the summit crosses the hikers a snowfield. But the rise is worth. they have a wonderful view of the Ötztal Alps.

Walking time from Obergurgl (1,930 m) about 3 ½ hours

SUMMIT TOUR to the Nederkogl (3,163 m)

The Nederkogel is the local mountain of Sölden. Powerful he perched on top of the valley above the bifurcation of the Oetztal Ache. The increase over the Lenzenalm and Nedersee is constantly steep, you are rewarded with magnificent panoramic view to the big three peaks of the Oetztal and Stubai Alps.

Climb from the main road away (1,670 m) about 4 hours