Allergy Poor - Draw a deep breath!

Because of its altitude 1930 m above the sea level Obergurgl is practically pollen free!


For people who suffer from allergies and persons who are aware of their health this is the perfect place to be. Apart from the maritime regions the high mountain climate is the optimal environment for an allergy free or at least a stay in an allergy reduced surrounding. The non-irritant mountain air means that people allergic to pollen have very few problems even during the main flowering season. Because the air is so thin, annoying dust mites cannot survive at this altitude.

The lack of pollen, in the air at high altitudes, the low occurrence of mites' inhouse dust, and the reduction of mould spores, are three factors which make the high altitude climate "allergy free". A two week stay will bring reduction and relief for the sufferer, and the positive after effects can be felt a long time after your holiday. With the clean mountain air, summer holiday makers can breath deep and free.

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